Ignore DMCA Video Live Streaming Solution

Massive network scale, advanced quality movies, terrific streaming solutions, and stellar client service – all included when being MAYCDN’s official partners



Deliver an optimized User Experience

There are plenty of essential features optimized to provide the best user experience.


Tier 1 Network Partners

Hop on a network powered by carefully selected providers in top-tier data centers.

Sub 24 ms Average Global Latency

Reach your customer in less than 24 ms in most areas anywhere in the world.

Optimized for Static and Media Content

Deliver higher cache hit rates for small and large files with a CDN optimized for efficient caching.

Fast Streaming Servers

The player includes a list of fastest streaming servers, users can easily optional.
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Frequently asked questions

Rest assured, we will protect customer content from DMCA and copyright reports, except for content that promotes racism, religion-based hatred, sexual abuse, or child pornography.
Once you become an official partner, our dedicated technical team will integrate with your system.
Feel free to reach out to us through chat or contact information provided here. Our support team is available 24/7 to guide you through the partnership process.
MayCDN’s servers span nearly 200 countries worldwide, ensuring optimal connection speeds for users at all times.
Presently, we boast a vast library of over 300,000 movies and 1,000 TV channels from across the globe, encompassing both entertainment and sports. Our sports matches guarantee a superior 2K broadcast quality. Moreover, we also provide CDN services to cater to other customer requirements.